Burris, AR-PEPR Scope Mnt 1 w/Picat Tops

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Burris, AR-PEPR Scope Mnt 1 w/Picat Tops
No.DescriptionSale Price
58360-GS AR-PEPR Scope Mnt 1" w/Picat Tops 1" with Picatinny Tops
MFG No: 410343
UPC: 381103420
$ 107.00 $86.53
58361-GS AR-PEPR Scope Mnt 30mm/Picat Tops 30mm/Picatinny Tops
MFG No: 410341
UPC: 381103413
$ 107.00 $86.53

Proper Eye Position Ready for combat riflescopes, this mount provides 2" of forward scope positioning on the M-4 and AR-15 platform. Ring bases are milled as a single, tough unit, and ring tops feature Picatinny tops for mounting additional accessories.

- 1" Rings

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