Browning, Horsehair Sling, Black

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Browning, Horsehair Sling, Black
No.DescriptionSale Price
55429-GS Horsehair Sling, Black Black
MFG No: 122299
UPC: 23614063896
$ 89.99 $67.00
55428-GS Horsehair Sling, Driftwood Driftwood
MFG No: 122298
UPC: 23614063889
$ 89.99 $67.00
55427-GS Horsehair Sling, Timber Timber
MFG No: 122294
UPC: 23614063872
$ 89.99 $67.00

Horsehair Sling, Black

- Braided horsehair is stylish, comfortable and strong
- Features all-leather reinforcement and a thumb loop
- One size fits most rifles and shotguns
- Swivels not included

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